theonlymaddox asked: I'm in a small town in Cali. My cousin did my first two tattoos and I want more but he is now always working now. Do you know any good places or artists around the LA riverside area?


nemoxrindu asked: I'm looking to get a watercolor style tattoo this year. Do you know any artists that are well known or specialize in watercolor style tattoos in SoCal?

California artists

this blog is about trad tattoo style artists mainly so no idea about watercolor


the-perks-of-being-four-eyed asked: When im 18 im going to get a tattoo. I want it on my wrist. I want it to have a butterfly with a torn wing and it will say "never again" or a semi colon on my wrist because i self harm. Which do u think is better

Don’t you think 18 is too early for “never again”? Life is just began and it’s gonna be full of mistakes and let-me-do-this-mistake-again, I promise.

I like positive meanings

Semi colon? Semicolon is important thing in punctuation, but as tattoo it’s totally invisible - no one will ever notice. Why for? Hide it from parents - this trick doesnt work, really, they will see it and you probably have a “serious conversation”.